Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

Micro needling, this skin rejuvenation treatment been a standard procedure in Europe for decades and is a natural alternative to some injectable fillers or other treatments for skin irregularities. It has become very popular in recent years in USA as well.
Over time your skin can go through many changes and be negatively impacted by age or environmental factors. Uneven skin tone, wrinkles, stretch marks, and sun spots can distract from your natural features or significantly age you. Acne can lead to scarring, giving skin an uneven texture that is difficult to cover up. A non-surgical and minimally-invasive option for skin resurfacing (microneedling) begins the body’s natural healing process to fill in scars and reduce other signs of aging through collagen and elastin production.
Besides the short recovery time and minimal discomfort, microneedling has other advantages. The simple procedure can be used to treat a wide variety of skin irregularities that, in some cases, can take multiple treatments to alleviate. For example, fillers can improve the appearance of scars or wrinkles but cannot treat discolorations like sun spots on the surface of the skin.
Also, some forms of skin resurfacing can cause discoloration in people of color. This is not a problem with microneedling, which can be used on virtually any skin tone or texture.

It achieve a number of goals, such as;

Lip wrinkles
Skin texture/tone
Pore appearance
Increase product absorption
Superficial facial wrinkles
Skin texure on the neck
Acne scarring/trauma scarring
Melasma and pigmentation
Textural improvements to chest
Stretch marks